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Community Care Services

Shopping support and meal preparation

At any stage in life, having regular balanced meals is essential to maintaining good health. The benefits of healthy eating include: higher energy levels, better management of chronic health problems, increased mental acuteness, stronger resistance to illness and disease and shorter recuperation times. Healthy eating can also help people maintain a positive outlook and stay emotionally balanced.

Shopping for ingredients and cooking healthy meals can often seem daunting. This leads to a reliance on quick and easy foods that may lack the nutrition required. We offer a personalised service for food shopping and meal preparation, with experienced carers to help prepare meals that are tasty and nutritious.

Shopping and meal preparation support is centred around individual needs, preferences and budget. We can work out a shopping list together and do the shopping separately, or accompany people to the shops. Then we can either prepare a meal or assist with the preparation. We’ll of course even help with the washing up.

Feeding assistance

Some people require assistance with feeding, whereas others may require only prompting and supervision. Working with other health professionals, our carers can work to either limit or encourage fluids (if required) or record food intake.

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