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Elderly Home Care

If you’re the carer, next of kin or first point of contact for someone who is both elderly and ill or frail, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to think about home care. Most people can’t care for an elderly friend or relative alone, and that’s both normal and nothing to be abashed of: you’re going to need support and care from someone who has the professional training necessary to do the job well.

Which Tasks Can Elderly Home Care Carry Out?

Usually, the idea behind elderly home care is that they will be able to assist you with things that you can’t necessarily do yourself all the time – but that much of the responsibility for the patient’s day-to-day life will still rest with you, particularly if you’ve asked for it to be that way. Here are some of the things you can get assistance with:

  • Help with getting up, bathing and dressing
  • Laundry, washing up and other basic household tasks
  • Food preparation and assistance with eating
  • Getting in and out of bed, or up and down the stairs
  • Various personal comfort and hygiene tasks

It’s important for you as a carer to work alongside with our home care team to determine who needs to do what and when.

How Flexible is it?

It may be that you live with the person you’re caring for, and simply need an extra pair of hands for tasks you’re unable to carry out yourself or alone. It’s very likely, though, that the person in need of care will live alone, and elderly home care will be needed to come in when you can’t be there – during your working hours, or in the middle of the night. You’re also entitled to holidays and time away from the person you’re caring for, which will mean that you’ll need to arrange for extra care during those times.

The exact details will vary depending on how the care is being paid for, how much time you are able to devote to caring, your geographical location and the needs of the patient – but in most cases it’s possible for home care to be at least reasonably flexible, particularly if you plan changes and alterations well in advance.

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