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How we helped a long-term residential client move to independent living

Independent living

Moving out of residential care to live independently, join a gym and go camping are goals many people may not associate with the NDIS, but it is the case for Mark.

Mark* (not his real name) has schizophrenia and an intellectual disability. Mark has lived in supported accommodation since his parents’ passed away when he was in his 20s. However, he has not been happy living in residential care and his mental and physical health have suffered.

When CareChoice took over Mark’s disability support a key focus was addressing his goals for independent living.  This meant working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to help him move into his own accommodation. The transition was remarkable for Mark and meant he could finally participate in activities others take for granted, like decorating and cleaning his own home for the first time.

Another focus for CareChoice was Mark’s physical health. When he was younger Mark had been involved in disability sporting activities but the move to residential care meant he was spending most of his time in his room.  The CareChoice client services team worked to get approval to buy a tandem bike so that support workers could ride with him. Bike riding was an activity he loved and this helped him regain his balance and fitness after so many years of inactivity.

CareChoice also purchased a Wii Fit so he could play games with support workers to improve his hand-eye coordination.  Mark’s progress has been remarkable and he now attends a gym across the road from his home each week.

Mark is just one of our great success stories. It highlights our experience in supporting complex clients to achieve their goals and increase their independence – then we help them move on to higher goals.

CareChoice continues to work closely with Mark and his stakeholders to ensure he will experience further independence and a sense of purpose. The journey so far has given him a sense of pride and enabled him to experience adulthood.   Staff report his mental health and wellbeing is vastly improved.  Mark says he is looking forward to learning how to pay his own bills, work part-time, and go camping again with the help of his support workers

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If you are seeking complex care for yourself or someone you know call us on 1300 737 942.*The client is de-identified and his real name has been changed to protect his privacy.