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Housing support and disability

It’s not just young people trying to get into the property market who struggle with housing availability in Australia. It’s equally challenging for people with disability. Most properties on the market lack the essential features to support their needs such as wider wheelchair access, hand rails and lifts etc.

Real estate agents focus on the needs of their clients, the property owner, and rightly so. That is their job. However, this means many people with disability aren’t even considered as potential occupants due to concerns about possible property damage or being unable to pay rent because they are on a pension.

As many of us know, the property rental market is faced with rising costs and those on a disability support pension have further restrictions placed on their choices as a result of their financial constraints. As they don’t “present” as a quick-fix tenant, it’s often easier to take them off the list, or not put them on in the first place. Ultimately, this results in a housing crisis for people with disability.

CareChoice has successfully helped a number of clients on its programs to access suitable accommodation. Clients like Tom (not his real name) who has a mild intellectual disability and schizophrenia.

Tom had spent many years in residential care in a fairly isolated capacity but was finally able to move into his own home. CareChoice worked with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to find him suitable housing and this has resulted in vast improvements in his mental and physical wellbeing.  He now spends time proudly cleaning his home and is working towards his goals.

As a DHHS and NDIS registered provider our services are available throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and key regions in Victoria. Our experience includes working on client programs and supporting inclusion and access to accommodation through our coordinated efforts with government departments, not-for-profits and private organisations.

To find out more about the NDIS and how our disability supports and care coordination services can help you or a family member speak with our support team here or call 1300 737 942.