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Can I access support to implement my plan?

Yes. You can let the NDIS know if you need support to implement your plan.

There are three levels of support you can access if you require help:

  1. Support connection
    • Short-term assistance finding services and developing service agreements.
  2. Coordination of support
    • To help you find services and develop service agreements where there may be extra complexity.
  3. Specialist support coordination
    • Assistance if you have very complex needs and require specialist coordination.

I’ve heard I have to meet with a planner. Is that right?

Yes. Planners are staff nominated by the NDIS who will work with you to identify your goals and the types of support you need to reach your goals. Planners may also be called Local Area Coordinators (LACS). Once you’ve completed your workbook, the next step is meeting with one of the NDIS Planners. They will contact you to arrange a meeting and discuss your individual situation.

Can I bring someone with me to planning meetings?

You are able to bring someone with you to meetings. The Planner will work with you to fully develop your plan including supports, funding and timelines. You can discuss your preference for the way your plan is developed when you are contacted by the NDIS. This might be meeting face to face, over the phone or online. There may be one or several meetings, depending on your individual plan. Remember, it’s all about choice and control for you.

You can let your Planner know if your preference is for CareChoice to provide your support services.

Who will manage my plan?

You get to decide what works best for you in managing your plan and how you want to implement it. You may choose to manage it yourself with assistance from a person you nominate, or use the NDIS agency. You can discuss how you want to manage the plan at your meeting. The Planner will be able to tell you more about your options.

Are there different package amounts?

Yes, package amounts will vary.

The aim of the NDIS is to provide you with the supports and services required for you to be as independent as possible.

The amount of the package is determined by your individual needs, goals, aspirations and what is included in your plan.

Your NDIS Planner will explain how it works.

Will I get less support than I get now?

No. There are rules within the NDIS that make sure people who are currently receiving support, and who are eligible for a package, will not be worse off when they transition onto the NDIS. That’s why it’s important to bring as much supporting information and documentation as possible to the meeting with your Planner.

The NDIS is all about flexibility, choice and empowering participants to have control over their lives. As an approved NDIS service provider, CareChoice can tailor supports to meet your individual needs and goals – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our Client Service Managers can answer your questions and help plan what works best for you.
Let us know how we can help. Contact us on 1300 737 942.

What happens if my needs change?

If your needs or circumstances change, so can your plan. You can ask to have it reviewed at any time. It’s all about flexibility. The NDIS is a life-long commitment to meet your needs now and into the future. Your Planner will explain the timeframe for your plan’s review.

Do I get to choose my service provider?

Yes. One of the best things about the NDIS is that it aims to give participants choice and control so you get to choose who delivers your support and services, and the way in which they are delivered. If you currently receive services with CareChoice, you can ask that continue as they are, or let us know about any changes or additional support we can provide.

If this is the first time you will be accessing services, or you’re looking to change service providers, our Client Service Managers will work with you to ensure services are responsive to your needs and set up in the best way to help achieve your individual goals. Let us know how we can help.

***Suggested extra questions and answers

  • I want my family or a close friend to be involved through the process, is that okay? Yes, you can bring someone with you to any meeting.
  • Who can I speak to if I’m confused about the NDIS? Contact CareChoice on 1300 737 942 or enquiries@carechoice.net.au as we’re here to help.

Our Client Services Guide provides information about some of our support options. To receive a copy speak with a CareChoice Client Service Managers on 1300 737 942 or enquiries@carechoice.net.au