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Josie and David* are siblings aged 10 and 11 respectively. Both have a trauma history and a diagnosis of severe behavior disorder. They have spent significant amounts of time in and out of secure welfare and experienced over 25 placement breakdowns. Josie’s trauma history is more severe than David’s and consequently, her behavior more extreme. For this reason, the siblings were housed separately. However, Josie’s goal was to be reunited with her brother.

In March 2017, CareChoice commenced Child Protection Out of Home Care support for the siblings. Within the first 2 months of service delivery there were 9 category 1 & 2 incidents involving physical assault to support staff. This resulted in a high staff turnover on their program.

CareChoice remained committed to ensuring successful outcomes for the pair and focused on a number of key requirements that would lead to success including:

  • Increased resourcing and training to effectively respond to the children’s needs.
  • Developing a trauma informed response and management plan in conjunction with the children’s allied health and extended care team.
  • Appointing a team leader with extensive experience to oversee the program and support workers involved in the siblings’ daily care.
  • Ensuring indigenous support workers were staffed on the program to acknowledge and respectfully respond to the children’s cultural background.

Over the following months, the CareChoice program team worked closely with the broader care team so that the siblings could transition into a home together. Key factors that helped the children transition to a more normal life included a dedicated team of support staff who were trained in-line with the individual needs of both children; continuity of care through close collaboration with their broader care team, and providing an appropriate living setting for the children.

Josie and David have been receiving ongoing support from CareChoice for over a year. There has been a significant reduction in incidents. Importantly, both children are much happier, settled and able to live together in a family-style setting. They attend school regularly and unlike the early days of the program, where a support worker was required to sit outside the school in case of an extreme behaviour event, this is no longer required.

Josie and David

*Josie and David are not the clients’ real names. The client has been de-identified to protect their privacy. To read our privacy policy visit securelogic.carechoice.net.au/privacy

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