Disability and Youth Services


Barry* is a CareChoice client who has an ABI following a road accident. Previously a carpenter with his own business, Barry cannot work as a result of his physical injuries and damage to his frontal lobe.

When introduced to CareChoice in 2016, Barry’s father was deceased and he was being cared for by his mother in an independent living unit. He has high support needs and behaviours of concern as a result of his brain injury.

Barry’s previous care provider had not focused on helping him reach his goal to increase his independence. Barry spent most of his time in his room and had become increasingly disengaged.

Sometimes he was even left unattended. CareChoice worked with Barry’s stakeholders (his mother, case manager and allied health professionals) to understand what would help him lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Barry said he liked football, music and group activities, but he was really intent on having more independence. Barry said, ‘I want to get back into doing activities I enjoy doing.’

CareChoice was careful to match Barry with the right support workers. This involved meet and greet sessions so he could select the people he wanted to become part of his permanent support program. CareChoice used its unique carer matching process to ensure that all the support workers who met with Barry had the experience and necessary requirements to be part of his program.

Once his support workers were allocated, CareChoice facilitated specific, customised training (in conjunction with his occupational therapist and neuropsychologist) to ensure his support team had a thorough understanding of his condition and any additional skills required to help him achieve the very best possible outcomes.

The CareChoice coordination support planning process ensured a comprehensive support plan was developed that included day-to-day activities for Barry to be involved in to remain independent. It included helping Barry to join in community activities, such as football, as well as attend gym and hydrotherapy as part of his ongoing rehabilitation.

Since starting with CareChoice Barry no longer needs a hoist for transfer.  He now goes to the local shops in his wheelchair without supports, and attends a weekly social group with friends on his own.

Barry is continuing to develop new goals for himself. Over the next year CareChoice will help him to explore a range of options such as social inclusion, community groups, supported workshop and volunteering.


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