Disability and Youth Services

Considering your vaccine options? We can help.

Department of Health easy read resources:

Fact sheet about the third dose
Fact sheet about the booster dose
Fact sheet about the difference between the third dose and a booster dose.

In order to support you to consider your options, please see below how CareChoice can help:

Connect you to relevant COVID-19 information from the Department of Health for people with a disability by clicking here.

We can help support a visit to your GP to discuss vaccination options

If there is a known medical history of allergic reaction, it is especially important that you seek advice from your GP or specialist medical practitioner to understand the risks and benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Clients who are taking medication should also discuss this with their GP or specialist medical practitioner prior to vaccination.
  • Support you with information on how to make a vaccine booking. For details please click here.
  • We can help you obtain your vaccination by supporting you visit your GP or vaccination clinic appointment including remaining with you during the waiting time after the vaccination.

If you wish to discuss these supports then please contact us on 1300 737 942.