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COVID-19 PPE Supplies

Sanitiser Products

Hand Sanitser

CareChoice is providing clients who are not supplying their own PPE, with a range of essential PPE supplies for themselves and CareChoice staff. This includes two sanitiser products.

For details of the contents and more information, please see their material safety data sheets attached:

Soft Care Sanitiser

Fair Ocean Sanitiser

As part of responding to COVID-19, hand sanitiser is required to contain a high proportion of alcohol (usually 60% or more).  Due to its high alcohol content, we recommend you follow these safety precautions:

  • Do not expose sanitiser to an open flame
  • Keep sanitiser away from electrical appliances (especially heat-producing appliances such as stoves and heaters)
  • Keep sanitiser out of the sun, and do not leave it in front of or near windows
  • Store sanitiser out of the reach of children.