Disability and Youth Services

Community Access

With one of our caring staff by your side, we can help you get out and about to participate in social activities, sport or to catch up with friends and family.

Our staff regularly assist people to join in a wide range of activities and community events including:

  • Going to the park, beach or lake
  • Participating in bowling, golf, swimming, etc
  • Outings to the movies or shopping

  • Attending sporting games like football
  • Going to the gym
  • Catching up with or meeting new friends

  • Joining religious or community events
  • Attending art, drama or music classes.


The NDIS has ruled that no NDIS service provider or financial intermediary can convert NDIS Core Support funding to cover kilometre costs for support workers to transport clients.

If you require transport, please review what transport options are in your NDIS plan, or contact us if you need assistance.

1300 737 942

NDIS transport options:

  1. If you have a transport allocation in your NDIS plan listed as: self-managed, it means the NDIS will pay your transport allocation directly into your bank account. A direct debit can be established with us to pay for this service.
  2. If you have a transport allocation in your NDIS plan listed as: agency managed, our Client Engagement Managers can work with you to reflect this in the service we deliver to you.
  3. If you have no transport funding in your NDIS plan and believe that is a ‘reasonable and necessary’ requirement based on your needs, you can contact the NDIS, your support coordination (or where applicable) your Local Area Coordinator to request a review. If you do not believe your transport needs will be classified as ‘reasonable and necessary’ by the NDIS you can still access transport from CareChoice by paying privately.


Other transport options:

  • Victorians with permanent or severe disabilities can receive discounted taxi fares. For more information call 1800 638 802 (TTY 1800 555 677 or speak and listen 1800 555 727) or visit Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
  • If you are a rural Victorian and patient with a medical condition in need of transport support then the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme may apply
  • The Mobility Allowance is available to people over 16 with a disability who meet the following criteria