Disability and Youth Services

Who does the NDIS support?

The NDIS is rolling out across Australia to help those who have an impairment or lifelong condition that stops them from doing everyday things without some assistance. To access the NDIS people with a disability will need to meet the following criteria:

Live in an NDIS trial site or transition area.

Have a permanent disability that reduces their ability to participate effectively in activities or perform tasks that affect their capacity for social and economic participation.

Are likely to require support under the NDIS for a lifetime.

Are under 65 years of age when they make their application to the scheme.

Areas of assistance include:

Being understood by others.

Getting out of bed, moving around, going outside or accessing the community.

Help taking a bath, shower, getting dressed and eating.

Assistance learning new things.

Support to do daily jobs, handle money and make decisions.

Children under six can be assessed against the NDIS criteria for early intervention on the basis there is some capacity to develop skills with the right services and supports delivered at the right time. If children require ongoing support across their lifetime they can transition into the disability stream of the NDIS.

The NDIS is also responsible for providing aids and equipment that support increased or independent functioning.

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