Disability and Youth Services

Supporting clients to vote

It is compulsory for all eligible Australians to vote in federal elections.

If you wish to apply for a postal vote, you must do so by Wednesday 18 May Apply for a postal vote 

If you are a client who wishes to vote in person on Saturday 21 May, please review this list of accessible polling places.

Simply enter the suburb to find nearby locations. Each polling place has an accessibility rating to assist people with disabilities or mobility restrictions. These ratings are: 

  • wheelchair accessible 
  • assisted wheelchair access 
  • not wheelchair accessible. 

You can click on the rating listed against each polling place to find out more about its specific accessibility features. 

If you cannot get out of the car and the polling official in charge is satisfied you cannot enter the polling place, someone may bring the ballot papers to the car.  

For more information and easy read guides, visit https://www.aec.gov.au/assistance/  

If you need any assistance from your CareChoice support worker to vote please call coordination on 1300 737 942.