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What to do if you’re COVID positive during the election week?

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has worked on introducing emergency telephone voting ahead of this election.

You will need to prove you are COVID positive by providing proof of the date and time of a positive PCR test OR the serial number of your positive rapid antigen test (RAT). Tests must be registered with your state or territory health authority.

To start:

  • You will need to register on the AEC website.
  • Provide your evidence of your COVID positive result and make a declaration about your eligibility
  • Checks will be made to make sure you have not already voted by telephone or via another method.

The emergency telephone voting service will be available Thursday May 19th, Friday May 20th and on Election Day, Saturday May 21st. Thousands of staff have been hired to ensure the process runs smoothly and electoral integrity is upheld.

This service is an emergency measure and is only available for people who are isolating due to being COVID positive.

Close contacts are expected to vote in person they are no longer required to isolate in any state or territory.

For more information visit ‘What happens if i get covid in the election week? How is phone voting going to work?’