Disability and Youth Services

Youth Out of Home Care

At CareChoice, we provide highly specialised supports for the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and youth. Our staff undergo an intensive screening process. They must also meet the standards to work with Out of Home Care clients and have, or are working towards a Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention (Residential and out of home care) or a relevant recognised qualification, plus the four mandatory top up training units:


  1. CHCMHS007 – Work effectively in trauma informed care
  2. CHCPRT010 – Work with children and young people with complex trauma and attachment issues and needs
  3. CHCPRT009 – Provide primary residential care
  4. CHCCCS009 – Facilitate responsible behaviour management and change


Based in Melbourne, our specialised child and youth service includes 24-hour staffing for any requested time frame and we have a track record of being able to implement services in very short timeframes. Our service includes:

In-Home Support

Emergency and Crisis Care

Targeted Care Packages

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people

CareChoice has a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse or neglect towards any vulnerable person, child or young person. We are committed to providing a safe environment where vulnerable children and youth are safe, feel safe, and are able to be heard – especially in instances where decisions may affect their lives.

Have a look at our Out of Home Care Charter:

Read our Out of Home Care Charter

Our commitment to cultural sensitivity

We respect and adhere to the model of cultural planning required to support indigenous children placed in Out of Home Care.

We work collaboratively with experts and care teams to match the best and most culturally appropriate staff to the needs of the child to maintain and enhance their connection to their county and culture.

We also commit to helping the children in our care to maintain their social, cultural and religious connections and contact with their friends, family and the places that are important to them.

If you are located in Melbourne and you’d like to make a confidential referral or discuss our services, please call us and ask to speak with one of our Out of Home Care Managers:

1300 737 942