Disability and Youth Services

Ongoing Home Support

Our support focuses on ensuring each child is safe.

We want each and every child to experience stability and healthy development while unable to live with their immediate family.

We carefully match each child and young person with experienced staff who can support them to build positive and caring relationships with other individuals so they can participate in normal childhood activities such as attending school and developing friendships.

Our team members also support the positive development of young people by providing:

Healthy meals

Implementing sound hygiene practices

Access to health services

An active lifestyle


We also develop and manage a range of plans for the young people we support including:

  • Extensive support plans
  • Educational plans
  • 15 years + care and transition plans

  • Looking after children plan (LAC)
  • Life books
  • Nutritional plans
  • Fire safety plans

  • OH&S safety plan
  • Cultural sensitivity plans
  • OHS risk assessment and overnight safety plans