Disability and Youth Services

In 2019 CareChoice commenced providing support to a 9-year old boy, Hugo, who has severe autism. Prior to this, Hugo was residing with his parents and four siblings in their 2-bedroom home.

The CareChoice placement was expected to be short. It was in response to his family waiting for NDIS funding to provide much needed respite and services, including positive behaviour support and applied behaviour therapy.

Out of Home Care placements can occur quickly but where possible, CareChoice provides a transition process so clients have time to adjust. This is especially important for clients whose conditions benefit from consistency, and in Hugo’s case, CareChoice needed to establish his services quickly yet remain focused on providing a sense of safety and regularity.

As this was Hugo’s first time away from home, there was limited information about him except for his parents’ names and a history of behaviours of concern including assault and property damage. To make sure Hugo would receive appropriate support to meet his individual needs, the CareChoice Out of Home Care team leader made contact with his parents and tracked down his school to find out how to best support him. This included information about Hugo’s interests (which were cars and watching TV) as well as motivators to support him behaviourally. This information was communicated to his new support team.

The CareChoice team worked quickly to create a homely residence that provided plenty of space and a quiet environment. A regular team of support workers with expertise in both disability and Out of Home Care were rostered on 24-hour, 2:1 ratio.

As Hugo’s parents were recent arrivals to Australia and unfamiliar with the NDIS process so the CareChoice Out of Home Care team leader accompanied Hugo’s mother and case manager to his NDIS planning meeting. With case management and service provider knowledge at the meeting, Hugo’s mother received advocacy support to ensure Hugo would receive adequate funding to support him so he could return home.

Despite the short duration of Hugo’s temporary placement, both his parents and school commented on the excellent support services he received and that he was able to maintain his school engagement.

During and after Hugo’s placement with CareChoice, his mother provided feedback to the team stating that he looked happier and seemed more settled than he had been for a long time. This was further supported by the lack of any behaviour related incidents, despite an extensive history of challenges in this area.

CareChoice has 15 years’ expertise in the provision of disability services. We use our experience to support children & young people with disabilities, and their families in navigating the NDIS and advocate for the required supports to be appropriately funded.


* Hugo is not the client’s real name. The client has been de-identified to protect their privacy. To read our privacy policy visit securelogic.carechoice.net.au/privacy

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